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Henshin Restaurant
Henshin Restaurant 2
- Putting Passion on A Plate

A Stellar Team

Henshin is helmed by a stellar team forged from a shared passion for Nikkei gastronomy.

The Peruvian chefs introduce Nikkei cuisine to diners in Jakarta, bringing international experience from some of the finest restaurants around the world.

Together, they leave discerning diners at Henshin blown away by bold, inventive flavour combinations alongside staple Nikkei favourites prepared with the freshest, finest ingredients
Nikkei Food
Nikkei Food
- A Confluence of Cultures

Nikkei Dining

Henshin serves authentic Nikkei cuisine, a bold combination of Japanese and Peruvian culinary traditions that evolved in the kitchens of Japanese immigrants residing in Peru since the late 19th century.

Nikkei cuisine is an unlikely fusion of two very different characters - the quiet, minimalist nature of Japan and the colourful, chaotic energy of Peru. Yet the significance of fresh fish in both cuisines provides a natural meeting point, perfectly embodied in tiradito, a marriage of Japanese sashimi and Peruvian ceviche.

Henshin invites you to savour the delicate and elegant flavours of Japan infused with the spiciness and zest of Peru to remarkable gastronomic effect. Accents of local inspiration, such as Indonikkei Sambal, bring out the unique Indonesian connection
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