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Aji Amarillo
- A Confluence of Culture

Nikkei Dining

Henshin serves authentic Nikkei cuisine, a bold combination of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine that reflects a rich cultural history and diversity and reinventing traditions since the late 19th century.

Henshin invites you to savor the eclectic flavors of Peru infused with the meticulous Japanese cooking technique for a remarkable gastronomic experience.

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A table full of Peruvian-Japanese fusion and two glasses of cocktails are best enjoyed with the other half of you. . Connect with us for further assistance and more information for a romantic dining at Henshin. . . Photo @jimmyhenrytan #Henshin #HenshinViews #BeSeenAtHenshin
Crafted with Saba Mace Vodka and fresh yuzu juice, Nikkei Sour is available to freshen up your day. . Enjoy our finest cocktails at the highest rooftop bar, contact us for more information. . #Henshin #HenshinViews #BeSeenAtHenshin
What better way to spark your romance than showing it with these magnificent city panoramic views? . Let us arrange your next visit, connect with us for further assistance and more information. . . Photo @srilesstarl #Henshin #HenshinViews #BeSeenAtHenshin
Pick your best seat that overlooks the sunset while dining at the most iconic venue with an authentic fusion of Peruvian-Japanese cuisine. . Reserve now through the link on our bio. . . Photo by @sintamerlinday #Henshin #HenshinViews #BeSeenAtHenshin
Across the evening scenery from Level 67, Henshin introduces Sisho Negroni. . Beefeater london gin with infusion of sisho leaves, campari, mancini vermouth bianco and clarified milk. . Reserve through the link on our bio. #Henshin #HenshinViews #BeSeenAtHenshin
Welcoming couples at #Henshin is one of the best parts of our evenings. Congratulations on the engagement @mithaawidya! . . #Henshin #HenshinViews #BeSeenAtHenshin
Above the city full of glimmering lights, there stands a fully contented you. We look forward to welcoming you to #Henshin! . . Photo by @melyafha #Henshin #HenshinViews #BeSeenAtHenshin
Savor in the Nikkei-inspired light meals from above the city and enjoy along the finest-crafted signature cocktails. . Reserve through the link on our bio. . . #Henshin #HenshinViews #BeSeenAtHenshin
Wrap up the day with the evening breeze and the neon lights atmosphere at our outdoor rooftop venue on Level 67. . Nikkei Bites are available, contact us for more information. . . Photo by @redyasn #Henshin #HenshinViews #BeSeenAtHenshin
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